I Believe In
Doing What Is


Living is Creation

My name is Laurentius Judhianto. Young entrepreneur, front-end developer, engineering enthusiast and an alchemist in pursue of design perfection. Most of my days are filled with developing webshops, engineering simple electrical vehicle, sending quotations and taking care of my clients. Developing an efficient integrated framework is my focus. I dream of designing and building a sustainable efficient working product that works best on it’s category and purpose, yet available for everybody. Made to be simple, essential and smart. Either to create attention, means of communication or selling goods.


Building Quality Webshop That Works

LACR Studio Quality

My past has been filled by working in the eCommerce industry especially in creating webshops for companies, both as a job and as an independent freelancer. From this experience I learned that offering unique webshop from the beginning for each client is definitely not the best practice, it's in efficient. On the other hand budget keep on dictating the quality of a webshop, resulting in a stagnant web development cycle. As a result this prevent me from building a better webshop one after the other.

Thus by creating a web base product, a framework for instance, it allows me to improve the quality of a web development through time. Every new clients getting a better webshop period. This concept improves quality, efficiency, and performance without the need of increasing cost.


From Design into
Front-end Development

I began my journey in the industry as a designer. Graduated cum-laude in Interaction design help me to understand aspects of a great website. However design alone is only a part of a whole web development process. With the increasing demand of transforming design into fully functional website, I started to spend countless hours, testing and working on front-end development. Years later I have acquired my license to be one of the first few hundred people in The Netherlands to be certified Magento Front-end Developer.

Combined with my experience by working for multiple companies, I have learned varieties of skills required in building an even better website. This help me to understand the difficulties of designers and developers with their limitations. Yet it's also a head-turning moment where I learned the importance of process, efficiency and automatization.

Laurentius Judhianto Skill


Proper Selections of Tools & Resources are Essentials

Kvadrat Wool

Besides in-depth knowledge and skills, I also believe in proper tools and materials. Learned design and development through physical product development (product design). Similar to a carpenter require the specific tools and materials for specific builds, I do believe that selections of the right applications, toolkit and modules would add efficiency as well as depths into a product.

I am always in constant search of better applications, workflow and framework to be used in LACR Studio. Every time there is a chance to improve, it's tested and immediately implemented. Occasionally I am also improving and or building my own tools to improve working process.

Drive & Inspirations

Stay Curious,
Think Smart and Be Creative!

Exploration is my nature and by exploring I develop curiosity. Through curiosity, I am inspired to create something new. With constant flow of inspirations, resources and techniques, I am sure a great product and solution would be created.