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Magento eCommerce
RTS (Ready to Sell)
Performance Webshop

Magento RTS Performance Webshop

The Netherlands best Magento starter packs for small - medium sized company. Minimal in design, but perfectly tune for conversion rate, efficiency and performance. Equipped with some of the best rated Magento modules in the market with the highest compatibility for rapid expansion.

  • Minimal & Responsive Magento Webshop
  • Limited Design Option / Changes (Header, Footer and Colors)
  • Fast One Step Checkout Process
  • The Netherlands Postcode Validation
  • EU VAT Validation (By Request for B2B)
  • Advanced SEO Optimization Module 
  • Advanced Product Feed Exporter
  • EU Tax - Shipping Rates Configuration
  • Installation of Magento Compatible Payment Service Provider
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Hourly Rate Support!
More Efficient,
More Turn Over

LACR Studio Magento Support

I am offering companies packet of 8hours / month Magento webshop support. Instead of getting expensive companies hourly rate and or having someone constantly managing your webshop, I offer more personalized and direct service to your webshop management.

According to my experience, 8 hours per month is what you really need to keep your webshop operational at maximum performance. You can use this 8 hours for consultation, security update, Magento guidance and content management.

€ 50 / hour rate for Magento support excl tax.


Accelerated with Managed Performance Cloud Hosting

LACR Studio Managed Performance Cloud Hosting

Offering Companies Performance Managed Cloud Hosting. Partnered with Siteground - Amsterdam, Best Web Hosting Customer Service 2014 - 2015.

What makes our hosting different from other is our double team management. LACR team working together with the Siteground team in managing your webshop and server. Hence we have experts from each side to determine and react to your issues immediately. We are always in constant alert while I am always prepared to jump first when your webshop service is not running.

Technology, performance, security and integration of the latest stable hosting technology for Magento webshop are my hosting priorities. Besides oustanding service and support from Siteground, they are one of the first few company who are able to support HHVM / Php 7 technology to be applicable in our webshop. Soon we will be offering free Magento Security Updates bundled with our hosting.

Starting € 85 / month excl tax.
With SSL € 105 / month excl tax.


Analytics, Page Rank,
SEO - SEA, Adwords Campaign

LACR Studio SEO SEA Optimization

Offering Personalized SEO - SEA Optimization for Webshops Partnered with Patrik Zorica from

For many years we have worked together within eCommerce industry to bring the best conversion rate to your webshop. We believe that small - medium sized webshop doesn’t need a full-time employee or expensive SEO - SEA specialist due to the lower number of traffic and marketing budget. Hence by having smaller portion of constant hours, your webshop could be frequently monitored and perform an effective campaign.

We are both experienced in our fields and known to improve multi-national webshop conversion rate time to time. This involve expanding your market reach outside the Netherlands to countries such as Belgium, France and Germany.


Product Photo or Video?
Creative Photography?
We Can!

LACR Studio Photography

Believe in the power of video work and photograph, I have decided to work with William Setiawan Photography. Together we will be offering product photography, product video and a corporate video to help you create high quality rich media content. Great content is definitely your best weapon to win your customer heart as well as setting a distance against your competitors.

William Setiawan is a talented photographer, new young comers and an award winning photographer. His work have been featured multiple times in Magazine such as Vogue Netherlands. Although fashion and life style is the strength he imposed, I believe that the same set of abilities also required to create an outstanding photography work.