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Magento RTS Performance Webshop is a Better Start for Your Business

Magento RTS Performance Webshop

This is LACR Studio bread & butter online solution. We have done years of research, spend countless of hours into the development of a great Magento webshop. We came up with many solutions for each clients, but we felt each solutions were not always the best practical solutions we could have done. Our RTS Magento Performance Webshop is perfectly suited for small to medium business who aim to sell. Yes to sell, getting high conversion rate without the hassle of expensive billing and tuning it over and over.

Our one time purchase RTS Magento Performance Webshop have been equipped with some of the most successful modules in the market. The best of it’s class from some of the best Magento module supplier in the world. There is no doubt in compatibility and scalability for further upgrades when needed.


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* Price of the Magento RTS solution only include installation of Magento eCommerce platform with LACR Studio pre-included modules. We also do basic store configuration and minimum brand styling (header, footer and minor color changes). Advanced and or webshop specific configurations such as multisite or multistore are not included.

Magento as World No 1 Open Source eCommerce Platform for Growth

Since we base our online solution on top of Magento platform, there will be no extra license cost. It's open source, flexible and the best early investment you could get if you sure you're business is going to grow as an enterprise. Thousands of developers, thousands of modules with constant growth of popularity, Magento is definitely the ultimate open source eCommere platform in the world.


Limited in Design Flexibility Doesn't Mean Bad Branding

It has been a very though decission to "step out of the box" of developing unique design and brand feeling for each clients for each webshops. We limit your capability in designing and branding your webshop to the minimum. Yes to the minimum, infact you can only request to modify header, navigations, footer, typography and some coloring.

We are doing this because we believe in the definition of "true design". Beliving that design needs to be a cycle, improvements over improvements and not changing some colors. Most webshops we have seen today share 90% similarities in layout for instance logo at left top and shopping cart at right top.

“Same layout, same concept, different colors and branding”

The rest of the differences lies within coloring, typography and button colors. Nevertheless most clients we have are not design experienced, so instead of making the webshop to sell better, we spend countless hours tweaking branding, copying competitors webshop that never settle. Although we came from design background, we are not aiming to create the most beautiful and intuitive webshop, but the one that perfectly blend between user friendly, efficiency, price and quality.


Magento Experts, Webshop Scalability and Development Assurance

Magento Certified Developer

We assure that your Magento webshop are always developed in accordance to Magento development guidelines. Hence we can guarantee that there is no core modification that might jeopardized the reliability of your webshop.

As security concerns of Magento webshop rises, we always kept partners and clients informed for updates of their Magento webshops. Within LACR Studio 90% of our webshops are updated with the latest security patch, protected from cache leaks and first level of security measures.

LACR Studio also frequently in contact with Magento certified experts (certified developer and certified developer plus) in The Netherlands ensuring that "common" issues can be properly handled without having miss communication. This will ensure that your webshop always have experts backup ready around the corner, yet having unlimited possibility to expand beyond LACR Studio Magento RTS solution.


ERP Connector, Feed Exporter and SEO Configuration

All of our Magento webshop are well supported for 3rd party Magento connector. That means our webshop can be controlled via, for example Accountview, Exact, Axapta, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. However at the moment we don't offer our own service to connect with your Magento webshop with your ERP System. What we could do is to help you find and or communicate your webshop to be integrated with a 3rd party ERP connector.

Although we have included product exporter to distribute your product feeds to various channels such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Marktplaats, etc it doesn't get included with the price of our Magento RTS solution. There are sets of requirements needed for each export and it's different from one store to another. However you could always ask us to help you set your products feeds to the corresponding channels.

Magento RTS also included advanced Magento SEO configuration module. Although we have it ready and installed, the configuration for each stores are different one to another. Hence this not included in our Magento RTS solution price. It requires SEO specialist or web developer help you set the correct SEO setting for your webshop.


Magento RTS Performance Webhsop Included Modules

Magento Connect

  • One Step Checkout - Fastest checkout system for high conversion
  • Postcode or Address Validation - Only for The Netherlands address
  • Magento Compliance Payment Service Provider module setup
  • EU VAT VIES Validation - For B2B webshop only, included by request
  • Advanced SEO Optimization Module
  • Advanced Product Feed Exporter
  • Advanced Product Search Solution
  • EU Tax and Shipping Rates
  • Google Analytics for Magento

* We also include some modules that can optimize your webshop performance and or to make webshop management easier compared to default Magento setup.

However the price of Magento RTS Performance Webshop Does NOT Include:
  • Advanced SEO Configuration (ie: multisite and or multistore, richsnippets, etc)
  • Product Feed Exporter Setup
  • Multisite and or Multistore Setup
  • Modification of Products Attributes
  • Transactional Email Setup or Styling
  • Content Management Styling
  • Additional or Extra Modules Installation

LACR Studio is constantly debugging and improving our modules compatibility support. We also frequently update our modules and always developing your new webshop on the latest stable release Magento version.